3 Tips for Quick Promotion

3 Tips for Quick Promotion 2

If you feel you are stuck at a dead-end, and can’t find yourself around getting a promotion, you need to make some changes. Being good at what you do is not enough, you need to take a few steps to get back on track and progress through the ranks. These tips will help you do so!

3 Tips for Quick Promotion

Work to Impress

Remember what your boss likes, it’s a sure way to get fast promotion. But, don’t be creepy! .If your boss wants you around, he will keep you around. You better notice his interest and be optimistic. Keep your distance, and support his interests.

Don’t be opinionated, just be a nice person. If your interests match, that’s a good thing, if they don’t, then learn about them. You can always suggest something, but do your research before that.

Work Smart

You have to pick projects for maximum impact. Don’t jump on everything because you will find yourself thin, this wont help getting a promotion. If you say yes too much, you won’t perform well. If you say too much, you won’t appear as a team player. Find the right place by finding the projects that have more importance.

Once again, don’t pick projects that you don’t know you can deliver or not. You need to find the most profitable opportunities. If you feel overwhelmed, ask for priorities and schedule everything.

3 Tips for Quick Promotion 2

Work With Team

Try not to make BFFs the first day, take your time and learn about everyone. You need to get acquainted with the established figures there.

Build a positive working relation with your boss if you want things to go sweet. They are the ones who are going to promote you. So, be pleasant to everyone because if you are new to the gang, and are friendly, you will get screwed over eventually.