4 Safety Tips for Using Social Networks

4 Safety Tips for Using Social Networks

When it comes to Social Networks, you have to keep your personal information safe. Social sites keep you in touch with your love ones, but these are a boon for criminal who are looking to harvest useful information in order to scam you. So use these sites wisely and keep yourself safe by taking care of these safety measures.

4 Safety Tips for Using Social Networks

  • Avoid Being Personal

Social Networks are made for you to socialize with the world, not to stick your nose in their matters. Share your posts with the world but make sure you never include confidential information. Information such as your address, phone number, full name or date of birth are not meant to be shared on social media. Also, don’t post photos of your house on the social media and make it easy for people to learn where you live.

  • Don’t Mistake it for a Popularity Contest

Don’t accept every friend request you get, just connect with people you know in real life, or those whose identity you can confirm. Criminals often create fake Social Networks account and try to befriend people in order to extract personal information. If you are going to add friends or expand your circile, make sure you add only those with white tick in blue circle right next to their name. These are verified users.

  • Never Overshare

Don’t give up details like upcoming holidays, or when you are away, this can lead to burgles. The worst case is, your insurer can refuse a claim on the grounds of broadcasting your vacant home. So avoid doing this.

4 Safety Tips for Using Social Networks 2

  • Use Privacy Settings

Whatever Social Networks you use, read their privacy policy and use the settings to control who can see your posts and personal info. Almost every social network offers such control because it can literally save your life.