Activities Developed by the Personal Trainer


The main characteristic of the personal trainer is the individualized service, but nothing prevents him from teaching two or more people. But it has to be a limited number, since the training prescription must be individualized even in the group.

As a result, the professional must be aware of his ability to prescribe and guide training if necessary for more than one person. This is what a lot of people call them the semi-personal and, generally, there are at most three to four people.


This variation is due to the fact that people from the same family, such as couples, father and son, etc. or friends want to work out together and with the same teacher assisting. It is up to the teacher to have a good knowledge and didactics to work with this form of class without losing the characteristics of individual training.

So you can work with activities according to the needs of your customers, which may be in the area of ​​physical conditioning, aesthetics, rehabilitation More specifically we can mention activities such as weight training, pilates, running, fitness, muscle rehabilitation, etc. For these reasons, it acts autonomously, in various places, providing and supervising training according to the needs of each student, whether in gyms, clubs or public places.

Remembering that the personal trainer cannot prescribe or guide diets, indicate and prescribe food supplements, nor treat injuries, unless he has a degree in nutrition (to prescribe diets and supplements) or physical therapy (to treat injuries). Therefore, there is a need to work together with other professionals.

Skills and competencies required

Professionals who work as a personal trainer must master knowledge in different areas. They can also benefit from personal trainer magazine and have great ideas about fitness business resources. If necessary, have a multidisciplinary team to offer a better service to your customers.