Easy Business Registration – Forming A Company From Remote Location

Easy Business Registration - Forming A Company From Remote Location

Every year there are entrepreneurs who are ready to officially incorporate their companies in Hong Kong. They are usually all very busy people and may be located elsewhere in the world. There are usually two choices.

  • The first option involves more human communications and usually it takes longer to complete the registration process.
  • The second is a more trendy process. It requires the entrepreneur to actually do everything online, through a secured online platform (or website).

Easy Business Registration - Forming A Company From Remote Location

Company registration is simple and convenient.

Usually when making business deals or doing any business activities, you and the party that are related to the business deal should physically meet. But with this process, no directors or shareholders will have to even enter Hong Kong. With an internet/Wifi connection, you will be able to sign up a new account. The new account is the online platform where you will complete the Hong Kong company formation process (from anywhere and at any time suitable to you).

You deserve shorter processing time.

The traditional way is that you will have to physically deliver your documents and paper for the registration, or you will need to photocopy all your documents and have them shipped to your agency. In the document submission process and during the validation of all your documents, it would often involve many back and forth activities such as you may have missed one document that is compulsory, or you may have signed at the wrong place in an important document. This repetition of work would usually delay the process and make the processing of all the documents much longer. With the process all set up on a secured and reliable platform, you will not need to go through the long delayed pain anymore.

You only get the upsell items that you absolutely need.

Your goal is to simply get your business properly and legally incorporated and no more. But very often when you have to do this over the phone and physically being there, people would take the chance to upsell you with anything that you may or may not need. To make it sound worse is that you often do not know which items in their upsell list are actually compulsory and useful for your business. Most entrepreneurs may end up selecting too many items which in turn would increase their operation cost for the year.


The choice is with the specific entrepreneur, as each business person has different preferences. In the long run, we would rely more on the technologies to make things simpler and create better process. There is nothing wrong with setting up a few companies all through a company registration website.