Guidelines for Selecting the Best Serviced Office Space for Your Business

Serviced office space for your business

The task of selecting an appropriate serviced office space is a pivotal decision for any business. This article delves into the significant considerations to bear in mind during the selection process. 

Serviced office space for your business

Key Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Serviced Office Space


  • Client and Customer Proximity: The location of your serviced office space and its closeness to your clients and customers is a key factor. Businesses that rely on physical customer interactions or heavy foot traffic should prioritise a location that offers convenience and easy access. For instance, retail businesses should consider locations with good car or public transport connectivity.
  • Accessibility and Transport Options: Beyond proximity, it’s crucial to consider the ease of access and transportation choices your preferred location offers. Ask yourself: Is there sufficient parking? Are there public transportation services close by? These are vital considerations in the selection of a serviced office space.

Amenities and Services

  • Coworking Spaces: These spaces can offer tremendous opportunities for networking and collaboration with other professionals. If these aspects align with your business values, select a serviced office space that incorporates coworking spaces.
  • Meeting Rooms: The availability of an adequate number of meeting rooms is another essential amenity in a serviced office space.
  • Virtual Offices: For businesses that don’t require a brick-and-mortar office but still need a professional address and contact number, virtual offices are an excellent alternative.


  • Initial Costs: It’s crucial to factor in the immediate costs related to moving into a serviced office space. These can include security deposits, the first month’s rent, and other miscellaneous charges.
  • Monthly Fees and Additional Expenses: Besides the initial costs, keep in mind the monthly fees and any extra costs that come with your serviced office space. Verify what’s included in the monthly fee and any additional charges you may be responsible for.

Typical Mistakes when Choosing a Serviced Office

  • Prioritising Rent Above All: While budgeting is crucial, it should not be the sole determinant in choosing a serviced office space. Factors such as location, amenities, and services can significantly influence your business’s success.
  • Rash Decision-Making: Renting a workspace demands careful thought. Prior to deciding, conducting in-depth research and comparing various options is essential.
  • Overlooking Location: The location of your office plays a significant role in the success of your business. It’s vital to select a location that is convenient for both your customers and clients.
  • Ignoring Amenities and Services: Different serviced offices provide varying amenities and services. It’s important to choose a space that offers amenities and services that align with your business needs.
  • Misunderstanding Lease Terms: Ensure you understand all lease terms and conditions before signing. These might include rent increases, security deposits, or other fees.

The process of selecting the right serviced office space is a critical decision with significant implications for your business. By taking into account aspects such as; location, amenities and services, and costs, you can secure a space that suits your needs and contributes to your business’ growth.