RED DAELEJE 35 – A Hookah Review

RED DAELEJE 35 – A Hookah Review

Wondering if it’s safe to buy Red DAELEJE 35? Want to know everything about this hookah so you don’t have anything to regret later. In this review, we’re going to let you know all the pros and cons of owning Red DAELEJE 35. So read on to learn more about this hookah.

RED DAELEJE 35 – A Hookah Review


As its name suggests, Red DAELEJE 35 is a hookah measuring 35-inche in height. Most of its key parts come in a red color. It’s made of high grade aluminum to offer a long-term durability.


The hookah has a durable aluminum construction and requires less maintenance. You won’t have to spend long hours taking care of it. It’s manufactured with the latest snap-in technology to make sure it meets the modern day hookah smoking needs.


Not an ideal choice for people wanting to enjoy hookah smoking with their friends, as it comes with only two hoses. If you intend to smoke with your friends, prefer consider other hookah models with more hoses.

Where to buy it?

Manufactured by Zanobia, Red DAELEJE 35 is now available at a reduced price at MyHookah, Canada’s #1 rated online hookah store. They stock a wide range of hookah brands, including Mya Saray™, MyHookah, Zanobia, Khalil Mamoon, Yahya, Mob Hookah, Cocourth, Smokah™, Starlight, and Eyad. They deliver exaclty what they advertise or say. So this is the main reason why the majority of hookah smokers in Canada prefer to use for buying anything hookah and smoking related. The majority of people who’ve already worked with them are saying positive things about them and their products.

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