How to Save Time with Search Engines?

How to Save Time with Search Engines

When it comes to Search Engine searching, you know everyone is crazy about speed, but what about the problems you experience? Ill search engine tactics might make you spend more time on searching than you need to. Therefore, you need to improve your own approach, Let the following tips help you.

Be Specific

Millions of web pages are returned while searching. A regular search a turns in gazillion results, and it can be cringe worthy. In order to reduce the number, you need to use unique terms in your Search Engine research, be as specific as you want. But don’t make your search input too long for the engine to bring something at all.

How to Save Time with Search Engines

Save Time

How many times you put something in the search bar, and got something really out of proportion? The chances are many times, especially if you use terms with multiple meanings. You can use the Minus operation to get rid of unwanted results. For this, you need to insert a minus and the term you want to avoid.

Quotation Marks

You may want to use the Search Engine to search for your favorite phrase. But to get to your favorite one without wasting any more time than you can afford, you better use quotation marks. Add quotation marks if you are searching for a phrase inside quotes. This will avoid getting confused between common words.


Search Engine algorithm doesn’t differentiate between lowercase, and uppercase letters, even if you use the quotation marks. So don’t waste your time, just tap on the keyword and put in your search terms.

How to Save Time with Search Engines 2

Put Autocomplete to Good Use

Every engine uses autocomplete, you better use them. These are helpful with the drop-down list, choosing one can save your time.  Learn how to type accordingly to get more accurate suggestions.