SEO Checklist for a Successful Campaign

SEO Checklist for a Successful Campaign

If you want to achieve the results you expect from your SEO strategy, you need to come up with a checklist. You need a checklist to make sure everything is in place and keeps you from falling apart. Following, we are going to mention three important elements to put into your checklist.

SEO Checklist for a Successful Campaign

Use Keyword in Image name and Alt-Tag

If your blog post contains images, you can use these images to give Google an idea about your topic. You can do it by putting the main keyword in following:

  • Image name
  • Image Alt Tag

Change the image name before putting it online. Alt Tag needs to be designated after you have uploaded the image on your website. You don’t need to get technical, Alt Tag is the text that web browser shows if your image fails to load.

Put Keyword in URL

Another quick and effective SEO tactic is using the URL to your advantage.  You need to change the portion that comes after .com in URL. For instance, instead of putting a number or some random sequence in URL, add the main keyword. If done right, it will uplift your SEO efforts, and promise great results.

Use Internal Links

If you are not promoting your best content, it won’t make a difference. Link your best content to other pages of your site. You might need to edit some posts to add the link, but it will worth the effort.

SEO Checklist for a Successful Campaign

Get External Links

External links are links from other sites to your own. Google depends on external links to evaluate the value of a post. You can brag about yourself, but people will only care if someone else praises you. Therefore, you need to focus on producing great content to get some external links as these are an important element of your SEO strategy.