Tips to Boost Your Facebook Page

Tips to Boost Your Facebook Page

Be it on social networks, blogs or sponsored links; it is vital for the online company that has the task to promote the page (โปรโมทเพจ, which is the term in Thai). Since it must first be publicized to give strength to your brand and then to other conversions either for leads, sales or other punctual actions.

To help start-up, we’ve separated some tips for your brand to grow stronger, become known and loved by your followers, so Facebook-driven ads will be the focus of our conversation. Come on?

Tips to Boost Your Facebook Page

1 – What to promote to boost your page?

For those who will start negotiations with only their fan page, their social or e-commerce, without help from blog or institutional website, the fan page is where every relationship will start, so optimizing your page is recommendation number 1. Focus on only one page at a time.

2 – Interests? Yes, but some.

Interest is also a very important item. So before you make your announcements: paper, pen and let’s answer some questions, such as: Who is my target audience? If I bought my product, why would it be? What is my interest? Anyway, all the questions that lead to the real interest of a person acquire it.

3 – Images are what really stand!

In the case of booster too, you have up to 6 images to insert into your ad ; you can create one with slides, with videos, finally with what you find most beautiful, flashy, persuasive and relevant to the audience defined. Women tend to like light, colors and rounded letters.

4 – Attendance frequency at the audience

Frequency is the key word in social networks, it’s like you have to call every day for your friend, your sister, your mother, just to catch up. That’s it. So, publish organically with some frequency, to feed the demand and announce keeping this frequency, and never stop advertising on Facebook!