Unusual Tips to Make a Good Sale of eBay

eBay store setup

You have completed the eBay store setup and listed some products. Everyone can do this stuff. The key thing is to make a good strategy to make a good sale.

eBay store setup

Start with low throws to hit the bargain hunter’s eyes

It can be attractive to list your products at a very high and stable price at first, but start your bid at 0.99 using auctions with ‘Let the Buyer Bargain’. In fact, you’ll have better sales in the long time. Lower price offers will attract the attentions of more people and inspire them to offer competitive rates when the item hits the last listing day.

However, it should be noted that this advice is not same true niche products – if the product you’re looking for is one that needs it, don’t set the starting bid too low, as may not get much attention for those items.

You can add always the minimum price if you are concerned about any lose trade (which imply the item will not sell if it reaches the required minimum value).

Remember that time is everything

Before posting and adding product data, take a moment to consider whenever you start auctions.

On the whole, a good time to close the auction is Sunday night. This proved to be the day that most buyers are most interested in browsing the sites and that’s when things heat up at auction. So if you like to go towards the 10-day auction maximum (that is always a good option because it increases your opportunities to get more bids), you can list them on Thursday night to get maximum bids for potential buyers.

If you sell ‘Specialized’ or ‘Seasonal Product’, decide when it could be put online. For example, early October may be a good time to list all the costume products you have, as buyers search online for Halloween costumes, and so on.