What Does A Mid-Autumn Hamper Contain?

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration that the Chinese celebrate. They are festivals that aim to ask for the best weather and crops. The festival was only celebrated in China at first. Today, however, the celebration extends throughout Asia and even other parts of the world. This festival dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). And there are several myths about its origins. According to one legend, it was during the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty (1045-221-BC) that he worshiped the moon goddess in mid-autumn every year. In return, the moon would give the Chinese a very productive harvest each year.

Mid-Autumn Festival

People will celebrate this festival with their family and close friends. They gather together to give thanks for a good harvest and pray for good luck. Therefore, it is not surprising that traffic jams will occur everywhere during this celebration. It is natural to bring gifts when visiting your parent’s house. There are several things you can give to your parents. You can also buy some for your other family in your hometown. Sending gifts to the people you care about will make the holiday even more special. Some people cannot visit their parents because of their busy lives. If you can’t make the trip home, a gift bag full of delicious goodies shows that you wish you could be there to spend time with them. You can order it by clicking this gift delivery Singapore.

Usually, they prefer to give more than a box with only one gift. While almost all are gifts in a basket containing various kinds. It starts from food, drinks, to other items. Then what is usually in a mid-autumn festival almost celebration? The following items are in one hamper.

  1. Mooncake

Mooncakes are a must during the Autumn Festival celebrations. It was a tradition to give mooncakes as gifts at the time. Generally, a box of mooncakes is appropriate as a gift. If you can’t come up with a better gift idea, gifting a moon cake can be a gift option that people will always appreciate. Here are some recommendations for classic flavors of mooncakes: stuffed with peanuts, stuffed with lotus seeds, stuffed with red beans, and stuffed with salted eggs. You can also choose from several new flavors, such as chocolate, green tea, and ice cream. This taste is what young people like.


  1. Wine

Chinese people practice a lot of their traditions and are often associated with food and drink, and match many similar pronunciations in their language into their lives. Wine is no exception to this trend, coupled with another saying that makes red wine a symbol for a period of lasting luck. Sweetness and the color burgundy are also associated with sweet and happy times as well as similarities in the pronunciation of words. And they also describe luck in career and life.


  1. Fruit

Besides tea and mooncakes, fruit is also one of my favorite mid-autumn treats. Usually, they will serve only fruits that are in autumn such as pears, grapes, dragon fruit, apples, and pineapples. Chinese people believe that eating seasonal fruit is healthier. Therefore gifting the fruits mentioned above is a good idea. In addition, pears have the meaning of separation. Therefore, they eat it to avoid parting with their loved ones throughout the coming year. They hope to gather again next year.


  1. Tea

When Chinese people enjoy desserts, such as mooncakes, a cup of tea is the perfect combination. In China, it has always been considered a healthy drink. After dinner, usually, they will immediately eat mooncakes with tea on the balcony in front of the house. They enjoyed the two sweet dishes while enjoying the view of the full moon. Since the moon cake has a taste that may be too sweet, a cup of tea can compensate. Tea is also very useful in everyday life, which they can serve to guests who come to visit. Some of the teas found in the hamper are black tea, kingstea, and osmanthus.


Those are some of what is contained in one hamper. You can buy a packet of wine for your father and a bouquet for your mother if you don’t have time to visit. For flowers, use the flower delivery Singapore service so that they arrive in perfect condition. However, it’s a good idea to take some time to visit. Because the most important part of this celebration is togetherness with family. It starts after dinner. Each family will put a table outside or in the yard.

They put mooncakes, fruit, incense, candles and placed them facing the moon, which is believed to bring good luck to them. The fruit offered may be watermelon, grapefruit, pomegranate, pear, persimmon, grape, or other seasonal fruit. In addition, in celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, making lanterns and watching the show are activities that should not be missed. Children will make lanterns with different shapes. It can also resemble animals, plants, or flowers with various colors. They will hang them on trees or houses after they make it. To provide a beautiful view at night, lanterns will also be installed in the garden in front of the house. They can also make Kongming, a lantern that can fly using candles. The children would write their wishes on the lanterns and let the lanterns fly into the sky.