What is The Best Tax Planning?

What is The Best Tax Planning

In this topic I want to talk about a temptation that sooner or later arouses in the minds of 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs: find a way to pay less tax.

I have nothing against wanting to pay less tax. The problem is when the entrepreneur decides to outsmart the tax authorities.

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Before I continued, I just wanted to say one thing: over the last few years, the tax authorities have become unbeatable. He sees everything, just everything, 100%!

What is The Best Tax Planning

The taxpayer’s technological power is infinitely beyond what we can control. Everything today is electronic and available to him. His information crossing tools are so powerful that we can no longer predict what he can do.

Invoices are electronic, financial transactions are electronic, statements are electronic, we buy everything with a card. Everything is within reach of the tax authorities!

So, here I am going to talk about the class that wants to be smarter, that businessman who sells without grade, who reports lower due amounts in statements, who manipulates stocks, who opens companies in the name of oranges, who uses fictitious credits.

Do not fall into temptation, do not think you can outsmart the tax authorities. If any consultant comes up with a proposal that seems too good to be true, be wary, as the fine will eventually come to you and not to him.

The tax law is the same for everyone. The rules of the game are set by the tax authorities and companies have to compete according to them. It is like a sports tournament. If your team is losing more than winning, it is not the fault of the rule or the judges. It is surely your team that needs improvement.