Finally Upgrading Our Sagging Insulated Garage Door Saved On Heat/Cooling Bills

Our garage door was definitely showing its age. It had been installed when we first moved into the house over 15 years ago and the insulation was sagging badly. Every time we opened and closed it, more chunks of the insulation would fall out. We knew it was time for an upgrade but kept putting it off since it seemed like such a big project. Little did we know just how much replacing our garage door would end up saving us on our energy bills each month.

Sagging and Disintegrating Insulation

Over the years of use, the insulation inside our door had basically disintegrated. Large sections had sagged several inches and were no longer providing a proper seal when the door was shut. On hot summer days, we could feel the heat radiating into the garage from outside. In the winter, it was just as bad with cold air seeping in. Our energy bills were higher than needed as the garage acted like a giant hole in our home’s envelope.

Deciding on a Replacement

When yet another sizable chunk of insulation fell out, we knew it was finally time for a new garage door. We started getting quotes from different companies and decided to go with one that specialized in garage door installations and repairs. They came highly recommended from others in our neighborhood who had used ‘Garage Door Replacement in Suffolk‘ for their projects. The technicians did an assessment and recommended a high quality insulated door to properly seal up the garage.

Installation and Results

Installing the new door only took a single afternoon. The technicians removed the old door, reframed parts of the opening as needed, and expertly installed the new door. They made sure to add additional insulation in the edges and top for maximum energy efficiency. The first thing we noticed was how much quieter and smooth operating the new door was compared to the old sagging one. But the real difference was seen on our energy bills. Our heating and cooling costs dropped noticeably every month thanks to the properly insulated garage barrier. No more drafts of hot or cold air leaking in. The new door paid for itself in energy savings within a couple years alone.

If Your Door Needs Replacing

If your garage door is showing signs of age like sagging or detaching insulation, it’s likely time for an upgrade. But replacing a garage door is no small task. Make sure to hire certified garage door technicians if it seems like a bigger job than you feel comfortable tackling yourself. Their expertise ensures the new door is installed properly for optimal performance and safety. Ours was done flawlessly by professionals and gave us years of hassle-free operation along with substantial savings on our utility bills each month. Replacing that old insulated door was one of the best home improvements we’ve made.