3 Tips for a Killer Research Paper

3 Tips for a Killer Research Paper

Do you want to add great content in your research paper? To help you speed up your research, we are giving you quick tips to find, organize and put together useful information and compile a winning research paper.  These tips will help you to research better and get the most material out of each source to help you write a better draft.

3 Tips for a Killer Research Paper

Don’t Rely on Wikipedia Only

Wikipedia is a great start, but it doesn’t mean you should end your research here. You  can spend time to search for related keywords, find the links on your page and check the suggested content. You need to get a brief overview of your subject. Wikipedia proves to be better than every other resource thanks to its hyperlink structure. If you follow the links, you will have great material.

Consider Research Questions

Your title should emerge from your research,  but you need a working thesis in order to make a n impact. Therefore, consider a question you want an answer for. As you come across new material, you need to ask does it answer your question or not. Something that seems relevant but fails to answer your question should be left back. You may want to collect too much background material but don’t waste your time on it. Only collect the material you need.

3 Tips for a Killer Research Paper 2

Read One Piece at a Time

Never tackle the research subject with too many tabs. Just get a sense of your topic and create and outline of things you understand. Afterwards, you have to deal with each piece separately. You need to find connections among the pieces when you are writing the rough draft.  Last but not least, learn about your resources. Invest some time to know what resources you use, both online and offline and see their credibility. It can save your skin.