Get Best Trading Tips from James Sanders – One of the Most Reputed Forex Trading Experts


Want to get your feet wet in the Forex trading market? Look no further than James Sanders London Diamonds, one of the best Forex trading experts who always provide you with the best advice for your trading. He has been offering Foxex trading consultancy services since 1998 and understands exactly what matters most to present day Forex traders. He is always available to help you, no matter how complicated your issues are. People who’ve already worked with him say good and cool things about him.


James Sanders London Diamonds has been worked with some of the most popular traders and salespeople in London. His extensive knowledge about Forex training led him to cofound Blue Index in 2001. Initially, he started his business from his home and continued serving as a co-founder of Blue Index for 8 years.  He has appeared regularly on world’s leading media channels, including CNBC, Bloomberg and BBC for his views on world trading markets over the years.

Best known as the founder of UK’s largest independent derivatives brokerage service, James Sanders London Diamonds offers all-inclusive consultancy services for both Forex and Crypto trading. Since there’s no lack of novices and frauds claiming to bring you top notch services, one may have a hard time selecting the best trading expert. So, it’s highly recommended that you think twice and do your research properly to ensure you’re hiring the right person for trading consultancy services. You are supposed to perform your due diligence to make sure the person you’re hiring is credible and capable of giving you the best advice. You can check into their credibility by visiting their website or Googling their name to see what the majority of people say about them.

James Sanders London Diamonds knows everything associated with both crypto and Forex trading. With a huge experience of interacting with crypto and Forex markets, Sanders is fully aware of the ways in which your investment can be doubled while reducing your chances of falling victim to scams and frauds. Here’s what he says about himself: ‘’I am always interested in discussing opportunities with forward thinking, motivated and enthusiastic individuals. With asset values being artificially inflated by central banks monetary policy, true ‘value’ is hard to find. Many investors are taking on-board too much risk in their quest for income. It is my belief that the focus should be on return of capital rather than return on capital.’’

In addition to offering trading consultancy services, James Sanders London Diamonds also takes a great interest in painting and artwork. Here’s how he developed his interest towards painting and artwork: ‘’I entered my first art competition in 1986, it was organised by my local newspaper, The Welwyn and Hatfield Times. The brief was to design a poster to persuade the public to refrain from putting sharp objects inside their rubbish bags, as bin men were getting injured at the time. My poster was titled ‘Wrap it up’ and it won, my mother still has it displayed in her home. More importantly, first prize was a Cadburys ‘Mega Selection’.’’

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