How to Choose a Health Plan for Your Employees



Choosing the ideal health plan for your employees is a task that requires a lot of attention.

Due to the precariousness of public health in our country, the health plan is a basic item in the benefits package for employees of any company.

However, check out 4 points you need to be aware of when offering a health plan to your employees:


  • You cannot go back: If you cut this benefit from your employees, they will be unmotivated and will be able to use it against your company in labor claims. Therefore, keep in mind that this will be a long-term benefit and should be extended to all employees who enter the company;
  • It is not cheap: Although there are packages of business plans, in general, this benefit can be expensive for your company. But, keep in mind that this is an investment that will bring returns and contribute to the satisfaction of your employees;


  • Pay attention to details: When choosing a corporate health coaching certification professional pay attention to all the details and benefits of the contract you will sign, as employees will be suspicious if they need to change their health plan at all times or if they realize that the company does not have clear knowledge the service you have hired. Make ensure he is well educated in corporate fitness.
  • Opt for complete plans: Even if it is more expensive, opt for plans that meet all the needs of your employees, because it is useless to offer a plan only in theory, where they will need to pay for exams or wait long to get an appointment. Make sure that the health insurance offered is really effective.


Many companies think that just that and offering a health plan to their employees  already means that they are taking care of their health. When, in fact, it is the least that should be done.

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