5 Tips to Get Investment for Your Company

5 Tips to Get Investment for Your Company

The lack of financial resources is one of the main problems when opening a business of its own. And that is why there are several ways you can get start-up capital for your business. Check out our tips from Rami Beracha, an Israeli investor, for getting this initial investment! Keep reading:

5 Tips to Get Investment for Your Company

Search for a partner-investor

Through contacts at specialist fairs for entrepreneurs, you can get a partner-investor who buys your idea and helps you open your business, through an agreement between both parties. To achieve this, prepare the presentation of your company well, sell your idea correctly and draw the attention of the investors.

Get a loan

One way to get start-up capital to open your business is to seek a loan from financial institutions. This mode is one of the most common. It may be more risky if you do not have long-term planning for your resources. Look for information on lines of credit.

Search for development agencies / incubators

Fundraising through development agencies or incubators is ideal for startups and innovative projects that need a low investment to get started. To get there, look for information from these institutions, do a lot of network and try to be always in the market.

Own initial capital

Gathering savings, selling the car, selling the property, and arranging other ways to raise capital on your own is also an alternative when it comes to money to open a business. It may be one of the most time-consuming ways to get equity, but it’s one of the safest.

Collective financing

There are collective funding portals, in which you can put your idea, or company, and request the collection for a group of people, known or not. In order to obtain resources, in this case, your idea / company needs to benefit the lives of many people, so that they feel truly committed to their cause in order to make the necessary investment.

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