5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is often referred to as a Hallmark holiday, but that shouldn’t make it any less of a celebration. Valentine’s day represents a moment to celebrate the ones you love and care about the most. Sure, it is primarily related to romantic love or relationships, but that shouldn’t stop others from getting in on the fun with cards for a cause.

While people might have a problem with a commercial holiday, you can celebrate the holidays without getting overly involved in the capitalistic side of things. For instance, instead of buying your loved one a gift, consider making something for them. There are plenty of DIY options for savvy and creative partners.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

1. Jar of Kisses

One of the simplest DIY gifts you can make is a jar of kisses. You will need a decent size jar, a bag of Hershey’s Kisses, and a label and other decorations. All you need to do is pour the candy into the jar, seal the lid and then decorate the jar. Somewhere on the finished jar, apply a label that reads, “Jar of Kisses.”

2. Photo Frame

How are your woodworking skills? For people who are talented woodworkers, the idea of making a picture frame is feasible. However, many other people might think creating a frame is way outside their wheelhouse. Still, effort counts for something, and if children can make photo frames out of popsicle sticks, you can either make or decorate a frame to personalize the gift.

3. Valentine Snack Box

While purchasing candy is not DIY, creating a custom candy or snack box is. What types of treats does your loved one enjoy? Figure out their favorites and then find or make a box to put the candy in. You will want the package to look nice, so don’t just pick an old shoebox. Even if all you have is a shoebox, take the time to wrap it and decorate it, so you elevate the old and tired cardboard.

4. Date Night or Activities Jar

Another popular DIY gift is a date night or activities jar. How often have you had the “what are we doing tonight” argument or the “what do you want to eat” conversation? The purpose of the date night or activities jar is to eliminate the risk of any arguments. Using color-coded popsicle sticks, designate each color for a type of activity — restaurant, date night, TV, etc. Every time you are undecided about what you want to eat or do, draw a popsicle stick and commit to whatever is on it.

5. Personalized and Custom Cards for a Cause

Sometimes the simplest gift is overlooked. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to express your feelings in writing and in print. Using cards for a cause should inspire you to design your very own custom Valentine’s card. The images, layout, and message can all come from you, but if you want to up the beauty, you can use a professional printer.

Are you ready to get started on your DIY Valentine’s gift? If so, visit Cards for Causes to look over all available layouts and designs.

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