NESTA and Spencer Institute Committed to Helping Fitness Experts During the Coronavirus Crisis

NESTA Spencer Institute COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan (1)

The deadly novel coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace, affecting every business and industry all over the world. People have no option but to stay at their home and practice social distancing. The situation of the fitness industry is no different. Fitness professionals and health coaches are having a tough time maintaining their client base and supporting their families financially in such difficult situation. To help wellness coaches and fitness professionals, NESTA and Spencer Institute are offering their entire Home Gym Profit Center program absolutely free. Moreover, anyone getting enrolled in in any certification training program offered by NESTA and Spencer Institute will also receive a free Online Coach Training System

NESTA Spencer Institute COVID-19 Business Rescue Plan (1)

The programs they’re offering free cover everything necessary to continue working remotely from home. Working from home as a fitness expert brings you a lot of benefits; you get huge tax advantages, you always have more time to do what makes you happy, and you don’t have to waste time travelling to your workplace or clients’ homes, etc. 

NESTA and Spencer Institute have been offering a wide collection of training certification programs for quite a long time. They are widely recognized as the top rated online platform for online training certification programs. Currently the programs they offer include but are not limited to Certified Results Coach Certification, Master Health and Wellness Coach Certification, Life Strategies Coach Certification, Wellness Coach Certification, Sleep Science Coach Certification, Personal Fitness Chef Certification, Mind Body Fitness Coach Certification, Online Coach Certification, Corporate Wellness Coach Certification,  Stress Management Coach Certification, Certified Sports Psychology Coach, Professional Speaker Certification, and more.

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