See How a Freight Simulator Helps in Cost Reduction

See How a Freight Simulator Helps in Cost Reduction

A freight simulator is a tool used to expedite the send parcels overseas price (ส่ง พัสดุ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ ราคา, which is the term in Thai) at the time of a freight quote. Instead of requesting a new value calculation each time a particular customer needs freight, it is possible that in partnership with the carriers the company compiles a freight simulation table.

This table will contain the value information of the registered carriers. Thus, when entering the data of the delivery or collection to be made, such as the desired transport mode, fractional load or dedicated vehicle, origin, destination, among other information, the system will calculate the values and the deadlines automatically.

See How a Freight Simulator Helps in Cost Reduction

What are the main benefits of a freight simulator?

It chooses the most competitive value for each situation. When using a freight simulator, your company will have, in a timely manner, various quotations from a good number of carriers to make a comparative of values and deadlines, thus choosing the best option for the need of all freight.

Have more agility in quotations

The great advantage is the reduction in the time that the company would normally take to quote freight. Often, it is necessary to give a quick response to the client about requesting a budget, for example. Waiting to send quotation of each carrier to decide what is the most competitive value to be placed in the price of the merchandise sold delays the whole process, leaving the customer dissatisfied.

Increase in the competitive advantage of the business

A quick comparison of prices allows the company to choose the most competitive carrier, thus improving its own price. In addition, customers want agility and quality and want their deliveries to be done with the highest possible speed, all without losing safety. A freight simulator optimizes processes and operation, bringing customer satisfaction, which creates an increase in the competitive advantage for your company.

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