Welcome 2021 in Dubai with a Blast

Welcome 2021 in Dubai with a Blast

Dubai is widely famous for its tall structures and luxurious residential places like Port De La Mer Dubai, JBR, and many more. Dubai’s New Year is a fantastic business. It is not shocking that with wild fireworks and the chance to enjoy the great New Year festivals free in Dubai, travellers, from nearby countries and the world start flooding into the emirates at the time.

Welcome 2021 in Dubai with a Blast

If you want to party or sit alone in the comfort of the walls or enjoy yourself with your own family or someone else, in any sort of budget, Dubai has something for everyone. Dubai could easily be your customized NYE festivities escape if you know just what to do.

  • View the Dazzling Fireworks

Dubai’s fireworks are among the finest in the world during the new year. More satisfying is how they are free and can give pleasure to such people who are trapped at home or on the road. You just can’t pick to see one because everyone has a taste of their own.

Following are the best places in Dubai where these fireworks occur in a magnificent way:

  • The incredible fireworks of Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest structure, has already drawn millions of city tourists. The fireworks there are one of the most famous and broadcast fireworks in the entire world during the new years. People from all over the world come to have a final yearly countdown on their footsteps. You are served, though, not only by the fantastic fireworks but also through the light and water show at midnight. 

  • Be delighted by Atlantis Fireworks

The Atlantis Fireworks is often overshadowed by the fireworks in Burj Khalifa, but the fireworks there really are a special display, something to be experienced on New Year’s trip to Dubai.

  • Gaze at the Umm Al Suqeim beach Magical Fireworks Show

The fact that both the Burj Khalifa and Atlantis are strategically situated on the beach, makes sure you can watch both of their fireworks in the perfect spots. When the clock strikes 12 there is a chain reaction.

  • Spending A New Year’s Eve In Global Village

New year’s Global village gatherings are well known among locals and visitors, and tens of thousands are expected to flock in. Global Village Dubai is an assemblage of global culture and the best place to celebrate the new year. New year traditions from 75 countries all over the world take place here for us to enjoy. 

  • Feel The Charm of Dubai Opera on New Year Eve

Go for a royal evening dinner in Dubai to mark the New Year and enjoy a stellar performance in Dubai Opera. The DJ takes over as soon as the clock hits 12 and lets the crowd go crazy to the classical beats.  

  • Dhow Cruise on a New Year’s Eve

If you are done with the usual Dubai New Year plan that includes too many fireworks, parties, and lavish dinners then board the traditional dhow cruise or even the famous cruise, to get away from the crowd and experience the New year’s energies. Get on board on a 350 passenger cruise, where you can witness live entertainment and a luxurious feast cooked by talented chefs in Dubai. See the fireworks in silence and serenity from different parts of the city while sailing through the stream.

  • New Year Desert Safari in Dubai

The town is practically a desert, in order to enjoy NYE more traditionally; head to one of the large areas of sand that would actually not be that difficult to find. Go on a desert safari or similar packages and you’d certainly never forget this one night you experience here. Buckle in a tasty barbeque dinner and enjoy endless refreshments as live music, dance and games entertain you. Even a traditional henna tattoo, a traditional outfit, or camel ride is available for you. Cut out the New Year’s cake as the clock hits 12 and party away for the rest of the night.

The end result is, the crowd here is much more eager than the rest of the world for the New Year celebration. Even some of the tourists rent houses in some expensive residential areas like District One Villas Dubai or Burj Al Arab. Keeping their interest in mind, some places start their preparation for the next NYE event pretty early, so there is no chance that you will spend a dull new year’s eve in Dubai.